Specialty Delivery & Logistics

SD&L's goal is to provide the Carolina Healthcare industry, as well as other businesses, a variety of services including contract labor, transportation, distribution and logistics consulting.

We offer a vast knowledge and understanding of the inventory, distribution, transportation and overall logistics of Healthcare products and other inventories.  Our drivers are efficient, responsible, and highly safety conscious.

With the 46 years in the medical distribution business, our team can provide a variety of services to the entire Healthcare Industry. Hospitals, Labs, Clinics and even the nurse stations can benefit.

We provide trained associates with basic knowledge of over 10,000 hospital supply products including; IV and Renal solutions, refrigerated media, frozen drugs and Custom Kits. We have an understanding of the critical nature of your business needs. 

We are not limited to servicing healthcare industry.  Because our experience is within the healthcare industry we are well prepared to handle most emergency or special deliveries for any industry.


Welcome to Specialty Delivery & Logistics, Inc.

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